If you would like to join us, we would love to have a chat with you on our Teamspeak. We feel it’s important to play with people that fit together as a group, cause you do spend a lot of time together ingame. We therefore try to have a few people online during these ‘interviews’ and feel it’s important that it’s a good fit from both sides.

We are currently recruiting:

  • A tank, any class
  • Mage (able to play 2 specs)
  • Warlock (able to play 2 specs)
  • Priest (Shadow or holy)
  • Shaman (elemental or resto)
  • Hunter (able to play 2 specs)
  • Deathknight (able to play 2 specs)

Updated 22/09/2016

You can add us on Gwendolynn#2953 or Oell#2258 for a chat or send us an email

Raid Hours

Thursday, Wednesday, Sunday
20:00 - 23:00 CET / Servertime

Alt raids

We have plans to maybe restart raiding on alts again in Legion for anybody who wants. This is not mandatory, and just for fun if there's enough enthusiasm for it. This would be on friday/saturday.

Please read our guildrules