About Stardust

Stardust is a raiding guild on EU-Balnazzar (and related connected realms) that was created in Wrath of the Lich King by people that by then had raided together already since Vanilla and others that we met down the road. We like to progress, but we also like to have fun while doing that. There is a lot of banter going on in raids, but when it's progress we tend to be serious. We're proud of having a core of people that have raided together for so long, and we're a fan of meeting new people that would like to join us on our mythic adventures.

We like people who are social, but if you're not a fan of talking a lot that is fine too. We try to keep a good mix of personalities so that everyone feels comfortable. Age average is over 20 years old, with our youngest addition being 14 (and awesome) up until our oldest raider being over 40. As long as you're mature and you have a good sense of humor, you should fit right in! Our players are from all over Europe although the land of IKEA is currently the most present.